Trial Research

Trial research provides you with options and real-time feedback while you're at trial.

1. Voir Dire Development

How can you find the right balance between learning more about the potential juror and advancing your arguments? 

During every voir dire, an attorney is judging and being judged by the potential jurors.  TCE will assist you in developing a more effective voir dire presentation for each individual case and venue.

2. Opening Statement and Closing Argument Presentation

Are you using the first few moments during an opening statement effectively?

Have your opening and closing become monologues instead of dialogues with the jurors? 

Is your closing statement just a regurgitation of information or is it the conclusion to the story? 

TCE assists the trial team in both the drafting and presentation style for both opening statements and closing arguments.

3. Juror Questionnaires and Selection

How can you obtain more information from the jury panel that will decide your case?

What types of personalities will be more receptive to the facts of your case?

The answers to both of these questions can be found through the effective use of Jury Questionnaires. Trial research shows that potential jurors are more open and forthcoming with information when answering written questionnaires than they are when answering questions by either a judge or an attorney. We specifically design Jury Questionnaires that will produce the best information about your panel.

4. Trial Feedback

Are case themes being presented clearly for the jurors? 

Is there an additional question that needs to be answered for the jurors during cross-examination? 

While you focus on the details is the big picture still apparent to the jury? 

TCE will attend trial and assist with last minute witness preparation, drafting cross examination questions and ensure that final adjustments to graphics and exhibits have been made.

5. Gallery/Shadow Jury

Your trial team understands the issues, but does the jury?

How were your witnesses perceived based on their actual trial testimony?

TCE conducts shadow juries nationwide.

6. Media Coaching

Is your case being tried in the court of public opinion?

What are jurors learning about your case outside of the courtroom?

TCE can assist you with handling your media campaign.