Evaluate Your Case before Trial

Strategic Pre-Trial Research equips you with tools for improved outcomes.

1. Mock Trial

How persuasive is your case?

Is your jury charge too confusing?

How much is your case worth?

TCE conducts mock trials all over the country. Our mock trials yield important information to help you understand what jurors will think about your case at trial.

2. Focus Groups

Should you settle this case or go to trial?

What is the proportion of fault between the parties?

Are you paying too much to settle?

TCE conducts both live and online focus groups nationwide. TCE provides half-day and full-day focus groups tailored to meet the needs and issues to be tested for your case.  Our focus groups are among the best in the business because they are specifically designed to elicit the information that is critical to your case.  And not simply the information you know you need to learn, but also the subtle biases of jurors that may not be obvious but can become game-changers at trial.

3. Witness Communication Training

What kind of nonverbal communication is undermining your witnesses' effectiveness?

Is your witness prepared to handle the tricks and traps of cross examination?

TCE will help improve the effectiveness of your witness for both deposition and trial testimony.

4. Theme Development

How can you simplify complex issues?

How do you effectively communicate the facts of your case to the jury, judge, arbitrator or mediator?

Your fact pattern may be about negligence, products liability or intellectual property, but effectively communicating the facts involves an understanding of who your listener is.  TCE's consultation for trial is the product of our experience in having studied individuals, groups and jury feedback research from hundreds of trials.

5. Community Attitude Surveys

Where is your case being heard?

What type of political, educational, and psychological pursuits are the citizens of this venue involved in?

TCE conducts community attitude surveys nationwide.

6. Mock Voir Dire

What information is important to gather in a short amount of time from potential jurors?

How do you construct and execute an effective voir dire presentation?

Voir dire is one of the most important parts of a trial and yet often has the least amount of time and preparation spent on its development.  We will assist you in developing a succinct presentation tailored for your case.

7. Demonstrative Conceptualization

How can you effectively communicate your facts using graphics?

Do your graphics contain too much information or too little?

TCE assists the trial team with utilization of visual aids to sharpen the impact of case themes and strategy.